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The success in It industry and in the recruitment industry as the job market is improving and employers being under pressure to hire, many are spicing up their resumes. The applicant knows employers don’t have time to verify everything they submit.

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The company promise

Andhra Detectives is a private detective agency in Vijayawada, Vizag and andhra . With dependable clients from corporate and individuals.

Services Offers

  • Adultery Surveillance
  • Affair During Divorce of Spouse
  • Asset and Beneficiary Search
  • Business Background Checks Employees/Business Partners
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cheating Spouses
  • Counterfeiting & Detection
  • Collection of Evidence
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Corporate In-home Detectives
  • Corporate Theft & Espionage
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Criminal & Civil Investigations
  • Criminal & Employment Checks
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Domestic & Marital Problems
  • Drugs & Other Addictions
  • Employment History Check
  • Ex-Employees Activities
  • Ethical Email Hacking
  • Executive Protection
  • Fingerprint Verification
  • General Civil Criminal Cases
  • Habits & Hobbies
  • Handwriting Verification
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Pre Marital Investigations
  • Post Marital Investigations
  • Sabotage
  • Secret Audio / Video Recording
  • Surveillance (Audio / Video)
  • Surveillance and Inspections
  • Surveillance / Shadowing
  • Suspicious Death Investigation
  • Living up to highest industry standards
  • Threats, Blackmail, Extortion
  • Threats, Blackmail, Extortion
  • Trademark Investigations

about us

Andhra Detectives 007 is the pioneer and the leader in Private and Corporate Investigations. It is operated by Mr. Srinivasu,

In todays world, nothing can be taken for granted. So here we are to clear your souls and mind of whatever doubts arise from them. Your doubts may be facts and it will be possible only after our thorough investigation. andhra Detectives 007 is a private detective agency in andhra and branches in Vizag and Vijayawada. With dependable clients from corporate and individuals. andhra Detectives 007 investigation agency has very intelligent and determined investigators with more than 20 years experience.

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